me:go - wherever you go

Get wherever you need to go with me:go, probably the fastest Mobility Scooter on the market. Built stronger to go longer, me:go’s engineering is regulated to reach speeds of 19.8 MPH and distances up to 50 miles in a single charge. me:go charges in just six hours from your standard household outlet, and makes mobility simple for those seeking style and quality, complete with options to suit your preferences. Experience easy maneuvering with rear-wheel drive and automatic controls on neighborhood and residential roads with maximum speed allowances of 35mph.

me:go is engineered and designed in Germany by experienced German engineers. Enjoy a more comfortable way to navigate your day with the me:go! At me:go we manufacture next generation electric mobility and recreational scooters as well as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). me:go vehicles are designed with driver safety, reliability and environmental friendliness in mind. me:go combines the quality of German engineering with innovation and safety standards of the 21st Century. me:go strives to continuously improve our products to the benefit of the customer.