Electric mobil ME:GO

Mobility is not only a necessity, it is also a need. With our me:go you can move environmentally friendly and completely independent of the automobile.

Its excellent handling characteristics allow you to drive up to 25 kmph (15.5 mph) with a single charge, depending on the set speed, to drive up to 120* km (74.5* mi) far. However, not only on even terrain the me:go has proved with its powerful electric motor. It copes without big effort as well gradients up to 30%.
Whether as one- or double seater, with or without a backrest, lap belt and armrests me:go will meet your needs and wishes. You can choose between different seat sizes and battery capacities according to your preferences.

The me:go has been designed and is being produced in Germany. The stable and durable frame of me:go can move a payload of more than 180 kg (396.8 lbs).There is no extra charger needed, because it is integrated. Only put the cable into the household outlet and after eight hours charging it is ready for the next trip with up to 120 km* (74.5* mi)  operating range. The me:go with its large control panel and an intuitive-to-use control simplifies your mobility.


Our Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) takes its owner everywhere he needs to go. 

* with the optional lithium battery pack