Electric mobil ME:GO GOLF

Experience a sporty feeling with go-kart features driving our me:go. Thanks to the direct steering and excellent driving behaviour, the me:go golf is an agile and maneuverable companion on the golf courses worldwide.

Acceleration and deceleration affected by foot pedals as in a familiar car. Thanks to the adjustable seat the me:go golf is comfortable for drivers of all sizes and it is easy for users to handle. Golf-bag- and score card holders are of course already assembled.



  • Presettable speed of 6 to 15 kmph (3.7 - 9.3 mph)
  • Ergonomic seat with weatherproof imitation leather seat cover
  • Easy-to-use controls with digital display
  • Independent front suspension
  • 205 kg (452 lbs) payload
  • Golf bag racket
  • Steering wheel or handlebar selectable
Technical specifications
Drive Components DC-Motor
Performance 700 W
Rear Wheel Drive, Mechanical Differential
Automatic (1-gear)
Weight Basic Weight without Batteries: 125 kg (275.5 lbs)
Max. Payload: 330 kg (272.5 lbs)
Load: 215 kg (474 lbs)
Dimensions Width: 82 cm (32.2 inch)
Length: 163 cm (64.1 inch)
Heigh: 123 cm (48.4 inch)
Ground Clearance: 15 cm (5.9 inch)
Performance Speed up to 15 kmph (9.5 mph)
Range up to 35 km* (21.7 mi)
Slope up to 25%
Standard Features Extern Charger 6A
Comfortable Seat
Varnishing Pearl White
Steering Wheel or Handlebar
Golf Bag Holder
Programmable Control with Diagnostics
2 Gel-Batteries 45 Ah

 * at 20°C (68 °F), load 75 kg (165.3 lbs), level, firm ground, 100% battery capacity, new batteries, with an average of 12 kmph (7.4 mph), without repeated acceleration and deceleration.